Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - November 18, 2018 - HR 2
Nov 18th,2018

A Visit with Jennifer Kerns, contributor to The Daily Caller and The Hill. Assessing "political reality" after the Midterm Elections. Republicans choose Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House Minority Leader. Establishment or Not? The grim denouement of Michael Avenatti, arrested in Los Angeles. The grandstanding juvenility of CNN's Jim Acosta. Odd attention-seeking behavior from George Conway, disloyal husband of Kellyanne Conway. Democrats still squealing over Matthew Whitaker, brand new Acting Attorney General. Notes on Health Care and Suburban Women. Hillary Clinton and/or Michael Bloomberg for Dems in 2020? California Wildfires still raging. Dangers to the Second Amendment in Colorado. Dreamboat Annie. With Music via Rita Ora, Giorgia and Heart.