Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - November 6, 2016 - HR 3

November 6, 2016

Shakespeare, the Battle of Agincourt and the Speech on Saint Crispin's Day. Notes on the "historic triumph" of Donald Trump, come what may upon Election Day. Radio host reflections from an unwavering eighteen months on the Trump Train. The ups and downs, the deceits and falsehoods, the manufactured realities, the lessons in propaganda, the unstable and also the nobly steadfast in the ongoing battle to save a Sovereign America -- against the globalist odds. Gauging the prospects for Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution of the United States. Conrad Black's conclusions on the corruption, incompetence and venality of the American Political Class. Evaluating David Brooks' hate-filled pronouncements on the "gene pool" of Trump Supporters. Plus, a visit with Coy Ebell, Co-Chair of Colorado Veterans for Trump. With Listener Calls and Music via P!nk, Kenny Loggins, John Denver, the Rolling Stones and Dwight Yoakam.