Special Edition of Backbone Radio - Oct 31, 2016 - HR 3

October 31, 2016

Matt Dunn guest host of the Peter Boyles Show. The Denver Post profiles Colorado Democrats now voting for Trump. The Chicago Tribune asks Hillary Clinton to step down, as her disapproval numbers reach lofty new heights. Corrupt DNC Director Donna Brazile under pressure to resign, following new revelations of pre-feeding CNN debate questions to Hillary. On the 18-wheeler now passing through the Clinton Campaign. Revisiting Lawrence Walsh's "October Surprise" of 1992. The Clinton's liked that one. Democrats as The Bully Party. A musical tribute to singer Morrissey who has praised Brexit as "magnificent." The National Front Disco. Waylon Jennings and Trump Change. With notes on the incredible ongoing ignobility of Never Trumpers. Plus, a visit with George Athanosopoulos, GOP candidate in CD7.