Special Edition - Backbone Radio - Jun 16, 2017 - HR 2

June 20, 2017

Matt Dunn hosts the Dan Caplis Show. In spite of it all, President Trump appears to be winning, slowly overcoming the embedded national political power structure. Fighting onward against the Uniparty Establishment, Trump's approval ratings have risen to 50 percent levels as the economy brightens and the credibility of the Hostile Media continues to erode. Meanwhile, former NBA star Dennis Rodman travels to North Korea to ease international tensions. His mission might be succeeding, with Kim Jong Un's sudden release of political prisoner Otto Warmbier. Could Rodman be a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize? Also, Oliver Stone discusses the Deep State and we review the ongoing uselessness of Establishment Republicans. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, good friend of James Comey, hires a raft of Democratic prosecutors and may already be leaking to the Washington Post. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein responds. Plus, notes on the undemocratic, unaccountable leftist "Resistance" strategies. With Listener Calls & Music via John Lennon, Hall & Oates, Zac Brown and Coldplay.