Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Chuck & Julie - May 28th 2018 - Hr 1

May 28, 2018

Matt Dunn of Backbone Radio enters "The Conservative Underworld" of Chuck & Julie on Memorial Day. Opening Monologues on American Sovereignty. Good news abounds in the Trump Era. Defending and supporting the American Middle and Working Classes -- the necessary antidote to globalist predation. Anticipating Red Wave Election in 2018, reviewing Democratic leadership vacuum. What does the Left stand for today? NFL bans kneeling, but still fumbles the broader issue. Plus, lighthearted hilarity regarding "The World's Tallest Waffle Stack" erected this weekend by Spencer McCullough in a Denver backyard. Judgment pending from Guinness World Records. With Listener Calls & Ukelele Waffle Music via Parry Gripp. Bumper Music from the Zac Brown Band and Clare Dunn.