Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Chuck & Julie - Apr 27th 2018 - Hr 3

April 27, 2018

Matt Dunn of Backbone Radio guest hosts the Chuck & Julie Show. Remarkable developments on the Korean Peninsula. On the verge of "new era of peace" between North and South Korea. President Trump's "maximum pressure" techniques applied to Kim Jong Un now bearing fruit. MSM shocked by Trump's stunning diplomatic successes, achieved against admonitions of Entire American Foreign Policy Establishment. Nobel Peace Prize in the offing? Meanwhile, rapper Kanye West makes dramatic break from the "mental prison" of the Left. Could the Trump-loving Kanye bring down the Democratic Party? Predictably, Leftist Media Enforcers have launched furious attacks on Kanye and Kardashians -- but could all their MSM bullying backfire? Candace Owens, of Turning Point USA, announces we are "on the brink of a cultural shift" that will soon remake American politics, and for the better. With Listener Calls & Music via the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sia.