Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Chuck & Julie - Apr 27th 2018 - Hr 2

April 27, 2018

Matt Dunn of Backbone Radio fills in for Chuck & Julie. The Ironies of James Comey's Revenge Tour. Sensing legal peril for leaking classified information, Comey evolves his defenses during the Bret Baier interview on Fox News. We sample commentary from Joe DiGenova, Catherine Herridge and Gregg Jarrett. We listen to President Trump describe Comey as a leaker and a liar. Amusingly, Comey denies the existence of a "Deep State" -- but admits there is a "Deep Culture." Distinction therein? Meanwhile, another leaker, James Clapper, finds himself exposed in a new Congressional report. We explore Conrad Black's essay on "Democrats In Peril." Will the Left's inability to accept electoral defeat in 2016 ultimately lead to their destruction? Has their inexplicable intransigence "roused a monster" with a "terrible resolve"? Also, we consider Larry Schweikart's contention that AG Jeff Sessions has been working behind the scenes to "indict virtually every one of the Deep State" who deserves a proper indictment. Plus, snapping out of the Manufactured Matrix. With Listener Calls & Music via Dwight Yoakam and Rage Against the Machine.