Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn SPECIAL — December 30, 2017 — HR 3

December 30, 2017

Trump's Successful First Year & the Existential War for the Soul of America. Matt Dunn guest hosts the Craig Silverman Show. In spite of the Media, President Trump ends his first year matching Obama's first-year approvals. Newt Gingrich looks forward to a golden 2018 as he enthuses over the Tax Cut bill and a growing economy. Never Trumpers eating their words, but still angry. Democrats & Media create "tyrant" and "dictator" disctractions as Deep State crumbles. John McCain's fingerprints on the Trump Dossier. Blacks and Hispanics doing well in the Trump Economy, threatening the fragile Obama Coalition. Orrin Hatch over Mitt Romney in Utah. The Best Movies of 2017: Dunkirk, John Wick 2. Auld Lang Syne. With Listener Calls & Music via Bing Crosby, the Steve Miller Band, the Lonesome Travelers & Dwight Yoakam.