Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn SPECIAL — December 30, 2017 — HR 2

December 30, 2017

Devin Nunes on the Warpath. Wants answers, grows tired of DOJ & FBI stonewalling. Matt Dunn guest hosts the Craig Silverman Show. We chronicle a devastating interview with CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan, who says "Trump is right" to criticize the FBI. Callan blasts the "bias" of the FBI's top brass and decries the obvious corruption of the disgraced and soon-to-retire Andy McCabe. Pension? Rep. Ron DeSantis talks about holding the DOJ in "Contempt of Congress" and Democratic Rep. Jim Himes inadvertently describes the 'nothingburger' of the Mueller Investigation. Meanwhile, the Left vents spleen at President Trump for "defying" the will of America's bureaucrats, and CNN obsesses over the "white truck" blocking their cameras at a Trump golf course. Plus, Ringo Starr gets "knighted" by Queen Elizabeth. With Listener Calls -- one of which compares your host favorably with Rush Limbaugh. Music via Dean Martin, RJD2, Louane de Francais, The Beatles and Ringo Starr.