Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - September 25, 2016 - HR 3

September 25, 2016

Gary Johnson enters outer space. The Libertarian presidential candidate sticks his tongue out at an NBC reporter, then later announces a grand plan for future humanity to "inhabit other planets." And so we ask -- to the Star Trek theme -- is Johnson already doing so? Meanwhile, we surf the good news on the latest polls and consider tomorrow night's big debate matchup between Trump and Hillary. We offer bipartisan advice as we continue our conversation with Jan from "Colorado Women for Trump." Also, we listen to legendary boxing-promoter Don King discuss his support for Donald Trump and the founding principles of America. Plus, a memorial tribute to Arnold Palmer. With Listener Calls and Music via Elton John, Johnny Cash, Mike Ness and the Astronauts.