Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Sep 6, 2015 - Hr 3

September 6, 2015

Interview with Jennifer Kerns, Beltway Correspondent. Trump continues to amaze, still rising in all latest polls. What to make of the recent rise of Dr. Ben Carson? Is Carly Fiorina more of an "establishment" figure than she lets on? Was Jeb wise to attack Trump in Spanish? More detailed notes on the present "refugee" crisis in Europe. Is this actually an invasion, a "Camp of the Saints" moment for Western Civilization? British Shakespearean actress Emma Thompson makes a plea for open borders in Europe. But could even Shakespeare survive the potentially dramatic cultural changes to England? Hungarian leader Victor Orban attempts to close the door to Muslim immigrants, and the New York Times bashes Australia's "no entry" policies. Thoughts on Jorge Ramos and "the wall"  with reflections on Dante, the Pope and St. Benedict. Plus, callers respond to the Hugh Hewitt interview with Donald Trump. With music and listener calls.