Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 18, 2015 - Hr 3

October 18, 2015

Trump is basically in "last place" in campaign spending and fundraising. But yet "first place" in all the polls. So we ask: How truly necessary are the Big Donors and all the TV Ads for our primary candidates? Surprisingly, perhaps, Trump shows strength with working class "Union" voters -- Might they be peeled away from the Democrats? Trump praises America's "men in blue" as he brings several policemen on stage with him during a speech in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. Trump also discusses "the dreamers" and asks if it's acceptable to think of "our children" as being dreamers too. Xenophobia? Meanwhile, veteran GOP consultant Alex Castellanos sees Trump's support solidifying, noting that "doubters" have returned and sense they "may have only one last chance to rescue their country." Plus, we review new developments in Hillary Clinton's ongoing email situation, and we take a listen to Jeb Bush's quavering interview on CNN this morning -- Does he know it's over? With music and listener calls.