Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — November 19, 2017 — HR 2

November 19, 2017

Blue Collar wages have "begun to rocket" across America. The Trump Economy gathers impressive momentum, exports are surging, and Conrad Black rates Trump as already "the most effective U.S. president since Ronald Reagan." New polling data has Trump's popularity climbing to 46%, possibly confirming the suspected impotence of our Hostile Media. We are coming to sense that, in spite of it all, the good news is starting to sink in with the American people. Plus, we visit with Paterfamilias John Andrews about prospects for GOP tax reform, the Colorado governor's race, and the intertwined fates of Al Franken and Roy Moore. How sincere are Democratic revisionists regarding new approaches to Clinton misogyny? A form of cheap grace? Also, we consider the politics of Thanksgiving and the inevitable Leftist demagogueries on taxes. Callers defend Roy Moore and we offer Music from Joe Walsh, Heart, Helene Fischer and Eric Church.