Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - November 13, 2016 - HR 1

November 13, 2016

Victory Lap: A Modest Backbone Radio Celebration of Donald Trump's Historic Win. Our shocking prediction from 18 Months Ago has now come to pass. Trump has defeated the Clinton and Bush Dynasties, the corrupt mainstream media, the pollsters and the Establishments of both political parties. Not to mention President Obama, the disgraced Mitt Romney and egregious "Never Trump" cohort. We reflect upon our last 18 Months of effort on behalf of the Trump Train. Some notes on the "winning" leadership qualities of the President-Elect: Courage, Conviction, Perseverance and a lot of good old-fashioned Hard Work. What it takes to MAGA. Also, Trump's all-time best tweet set to the Dances With Wolves soundtrack. We listen to mistaken media personages "eat crow" as we "surf the polls" one more time. And we dispense sympathy towards the propagandized hallucinations of sundry protesters. With Listener Calls and Music via the Mavericks, Dwight Yoakam, Oasis, the Westbound Rangers, John Lennon, Zac Brown and the Trashmen. Plus, some Yodeling.