Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Nov 29, 2015 - Hr 2

November 29, 2015

Interview with Jennifer Kerns, Beltway Correspondent. A review of Friday’s shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Is Governor Hickenlooper within bounds to blame “talk shows” and “bloggers” and “inflammatory rhetoric” for this act of “domestic terrorism"? Is Hickenlooper already politicizing the tragedy? Also, we explore an unusual detail about the alleged shooter — apparently he is registered to vote in Colorado as an Independent and as a Female. How will that curiosity affect the ensuing discussion? We also review the latest news in the Republican primary: Trump dominating, Cruz possibly surging, Rubio still not surging, Jeb still sinking and Chris Christie getting noticed by some of the commentariat. Plus, we relax with some soothing new music from Enya and discuss the apparent implosion of Obamacare. With music and listener calls.