Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 8, 2016 - Hr 3

May 8, 2016

The fault lines for the general election begin to take shape as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump trade barbs on "women's issues." We listen to audio of Trump accusing Hillary of being an "enabler" of her husband's unsavory activities. With billions of dollars about to be spent, we anticipate a great deal of hardball politics ahead unto November. Also, we speculate on the surprisingly significant role played by the state of Colorado in Trump's ability to win the primary a bit ahead of schedule. Did Colorado inadvertently drive home the "elections are rigged" meme? We survey Patrick Buchanan's take on the Trump triumph, and ponder the risks of his "compromising" with Establishment forces moving forward. We continue to float the trial balloon of "Newt Gingrich for VP" and take another look at Hillary's menacing plans for "Old King Coal." An unexpected gold mine for the Blue Collar Billionaire? Also, is John Kerry right to advise new college graduates to prepare for a "borderless world"? Or might we have already passed peak globalism? With Mother's Day music and listener calls.