Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 7, 2017 - HR 2

May 7, 2017

The ever-touchy mainstream media refuses to run President Trump's celebratory message from his first 100 Days in office. Just because Trump calls them "Fake News" outlets? Lara Trump says CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC are thus engaging in "an unprecedented act of censorship." And rightly so. Meanwhile, we review the latest unraveling of yet another fake "hate crime" which was used by the media to discredit Trump and his supporters. The typical tactics of our propagandists, offered without correction of course. Also, we consider the new Obamacare Replacement bill now successfully passed through the House. A good start? Newt Gingrich claims a "huge victory" for President Trump and Speaker Ryan, while Nancy Pelosi describes a nefarious "tattoo" on the forehead of Republicans that will forever "glow in the dark." Has government now become a permanent part of healthcare in America? Plus, callers react to the election in France, lamenting the loss of French "snobbery" and quoting the poetry of Paul Verlaine. Il pleure dans mon coeur. With Music from Gus Viseur, Courtney Barnett, Train and Oasis.

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