Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — May 6, 2018 — HR 3

May 6, 2018

Collapse of the Elite Worldview. Donald Trump humiliated the American Political Establishment -- by merely winning -- and they'll never forgive him for it. A sophisticated Ruling Class might try to learn and grow from the experience, or even attempt a more profound connection with reality. A whole new weltanschauung, per se. But alas, these individuals are not very sophisticated, and thus have determined to scapegoat their victorious opponent and punish America itself for allowing their defeat. That said, they cannot be allowed to destroy the country. So how to deal with present circumstances? Should the "hyper-combative" Trump make efforts to "de-escalate" -- as Conrad Black now suggests? Cut deals? Or is this more of a moment for rough "Donkey Kong" justice? Meanwhile, white hat American hero Admiral Mike Rogers retires from the NSA, now cleared for testimony. We decode David Brooks' discussion of his precious "norms," as the Establishment grudgingly "thinks the unthinkable" about Trump's successes. John Kerry sneaks around to salvage his Iran Deal, and we take another look at recused FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras. The "specific individual" of Nunes' interest? Plus, the Left continues its self-unmasking as a giddy Michael Moore celebrates the 200th Birthday of Karl Marx. We help Comrade Moore celebrate by playing the "National Anthem of the USSR." With Listener Calls & Music via Trace Adkins, Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas, Louane and the Alexandrov Ensemble. Sacred Song from Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.