Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 28, 2017 - HR 3

May 28, 2017

Hillary Clinton continues her "I Am Owed An Apology" tour. Reportedly seething with rage, Hillary coughs her way through a Wellesley College commencement address. Yep, still blaming others. NeverTrumper Bret Stephens, now of the New York Times, expresses forlorn outrage that Hillary has failed to appreciate his sacrifices on her behalf. Unrequited Love? Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz blasts the "Stalinesque" tactics of Jeffrey Toobin and the Fake News Left: "You're just making that up!" Where are the statutes? Plus, we take a moment to consider the questionable efficacy of "hypocrisy charges" in terms of persuasion technique. We share notes on Angela Merkel and the strange evolving case of Seth Rich. Also, we offer Memorial Day tributes with thanks to Abraham Lincoln, George Santayana and Victor Davis Hanson. With Listener Calls & Music via Johnny Cash, Lady Gaga, Eddy Arnold, Wilco, Neko Case, the U.S. Army Ceremonial Band and Ernest Tubb.