Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 27, 2018 - HR 3

May 27, 2018

President Trump welcomes Joshua Holt, an American jailed in Venezuela, to the White House. Senator Orrin Hatch effuses over Trump's effectiveness at bringing Americans home, with Mr. Holt being the 17th recently released from imprisonment abroad. We hope Pastor Andrew Brunson will soon be next. Meanwhile, our "SpyGate" narrative continues with additional stammering from former DNI James Clapper on Face the Nation. Amusingly, Clapper claims "an aversion" to the use of the word "spy" to describe the "benign" information gathering techniques deployed against the Trump Campaign. We dissect these specious predicates, one by one, while commending the ghastly Clapper for becoming an ideal spokesperson for the Criminal Deep State. We listen to Congressman Mark Meadows' sharp responses and consider the plight of Carter Page, who now claims FBI surveillance has ruined his life. Conrad Black describes the ongoing collapse of the collusion narrative as part of "the greatest scandal in American history." Commentator Mark Steyn outlines the early plot by Clapper and Brennan to "scuttle" the Trump candidacy. Regarding Trump's searing remarks on "SpyGate," a dismissive James Comey says they're all just "made up" -- although he doesn't quite sound so certain anymore. With Listener Calls & Music via Lady Gaga, Sigrid, the Glitch Mob and the London Symphony Orchestra. Memorial Day Tributes from Toby Keith and Amici Forever.