Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 26, 2019 - HR 3

May 26, 2019

Trump Goes to Japan. Sits ringside at a Sumo Wrestling event, awards 60-pound trophy to the Sumo Grand Champion. Signs of a healthy American alliance with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, especially as regards problematic trade relations with China. Sadly, MSM columnist Ian Bremmer makes up false quotes in an attempt to undermine Trump abroad. Why no apology from Bremmer? Meanwhile, courageous Hollywood actor Jon Voight pronounces Trump "the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln." Democrat Nancy Pelosi stammers through a speech. Democrat Jerry Nadler falls ill on stage. Creepy leftist lawyer Michael Avenatti gets charged with stealing from client Stormy Daniels, could face 404 years in prison. Also, we discuss the "dangerous times" we face in the Declassification aftermath. How will the Deep State react to the real prospect of accountability? What will they do when cornered, with no way out? We study CIA John Brennan's "palpably distressed and angry" response to Trump's Declassification Directive. Apparently, Brennan prefers to have the CIA as a government unto itself. Why does he still hold a Security Clearance? Also, British PM Theresa May resigns. Another globalist goes down. Major victories across the Europe for nationalist leaders in EU Parliament elections. Plus, Devin Nunes unveils the "Joseph di Gabriele" pseudonym for Joseph Mifsud. Historical vignettes on Sumo Wrestling. With Listener Calls & Music via the Black Crowes, Foo Fighters and Dr. Dre. Sacred Song from Jerry Lee Lewis.