Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 12, 2019 - HR 3

May 12, 2019

Mueller Entrapment Redux. Did Mueller's Pitbull Andrew Weissmann run an Entrapment Scheme on Papadopoulos? We review the evidence from the summer of 2017. CIA asset George Tawil, $10K in cash, an Israeli hotel, a sojourn in Cyprus and the FBI's mad scramble to arrest Papadopoulos at Dulles Airport. But he didn't have the cash. Collapse backwards? Meanwhile, a haggard James Comey holds a CNN town hall, says it's "a totally normal step" to spy on a presidential campaign, but that he can't remember if he signed off on it. Do we like FBI Comey's normalization of Police State USA? Maybe he's the first to go down? Rep. John Ratcliffe tells Maria Bartiromo that the Democrats are "scared to death" as SpyGate unravels, and that he expects "accountability on all fronts" for the perpetrators. Newly released text messages from FBI Peter Strzok reveal significant friction between Obama's FBI and CIA. Will spooks soon be turning on spooks? Was CIA John Brennan the mastermind of the greatest political scandal in American history? Plus, Sen. Richard Burr subpoenas Don Jr., one last pathetic gasp for Establishment leverage. Roger Stone challenges the U.S. Government to prove the validity of the alleged Russian hacking predicate, suggests DNC contractor CrowdStrike an unreliable diagnostician. Australian Ambassador Downer pops up to speak about his Five Eyes interactions with Papadopoulos, as we flashback to Judge Napolitano's May 2016 Fox News commentary on Russians having 20K HRC emails. Also, Biden's big China problem. And Ukraine problem. Communist Cuba starts food rationing. With Listener Calls & Music via Rita Ora, Lennon Stella and Ruben Gonzalez. Sacred Song from Brad Paisley. Farther Along.