Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — March 25, 2018 — HR 3

March 25, 2018

Total Political War in America. "These are not ordinary political times," writes Matthew Petersen of American Greatness. The fault-lines are no longer partisan or philosophical, but rather "Establishment v. Anti-Establishment." We review promising revelations that AG Jeff Sessions has appointed an outside "prosecutor" to review Deep State malfeasance, and has also apparently empaneled a "grand jury." As we prepare for the eventual release of the IG Horowitz Report, we attribute recent delays to the sheer magnitude of this prosecutor's task -- outlining what The Conservative Treehouse describes as "the biggest conspiracy in the history of politics." And yes, The Waiting is the hardest part, for all sides herein. Meanwhile, John "The Lorax" Bolton becomes Trump's new National Security Advisor. Does he speak for the Hawks? Patrick Buchanan thinks so. We peruse Bolton's memoir, Surrender is Not An Option, and ask: Will anyone miss H.R. McMaster? Also, we examine disgraced FBI plotter Andrew "Andy" McCabe's pitiful apologia in the Washington Post. McCabe claims victim status while saying he lied only because he was "confused and distracted" by external circumstances. Alas, No Sympathy for McCabe. Notably, new poll data says 74% of Americans believe there is a Deep State. Plus, over in England, Ringo Starr finally gets "knighted" -- a mere 21 years after Sir Paul McCartney. We call that "A Hard Day's Knight." As assisted by John Lennon. With Listener Calls & Music via Patricia Kaas, Dwight Yoakam, Tom T. Hall and The Beatles. Sacred Song from Ralph Stanley and Doc Watson. Coda: Daubers Are Not Down.