Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — March 25, 2018 — HR 2

March 25, 2018

Republicans Seeking Minority Status + Brennan Quoting Trotsky. Question: Is the Republican Establishment attempting to "throw" the 2018 Elections? As a last-ditch effort to help Democrats "impeach" President Trump? We consider the troubling possibility, along with the mechanisms by which an entrenched Beltway "Uniparty" wages its war against the American People. We sample Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday: Turmoil in the stock markets? Is increased "military spending" a good enough reason to allow Trump's agenda to be submerged by the Omnibus Bill? Meanwhile, Obama's former CIA Director John Brennan channels Bolshevik Leon Trotsky in his infamous "dustbin of history" tweet. As Brennan coughs up additional Russian conspiracy theories on MSNBC, we contemplate his past as a supporter of Communism. Does his latest quotation of Trotsky imply ongoing sympathies? We listen to Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal, address the Brennan Phenomenon. With Listener Calls & Music via Shakira, R.E.M., Saint Etienne and Francoise Hardy.