Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — March 18, 2018 — HR 3

March 18, 2018

The Deguello Moment In America. Power fundamentals remain the same: Unelected Deep State Insiders attempting to expel Elected Outsider President Trump. Stakes are high, fight goes on, but Trump appears to have the upper hand. Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker decries the "borderline criminal behavior" of the FBI's Andrew McCabe & Peter Strzok. Swecker says he expects "pure TNT" to come out soon in report from Inspector General Horowitz. Incredibly, we learn this week that FBI super agent Strzok had longstanding friendship with FISA Judge Rudolph "Rudy" Contreras. Might that explain the mysterious recusal of Contreras from the Mike Flynn case? New levels of corruption now on display. We suspect Flynn will soon get his house back. Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Grassley calls for Second Special Counsel, pledges to use all possible "leverage" to make it happen. Is AG Sessions ready yet? Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch reviews McCabe Firing and the "Mueller zombie investigation." Additional notes on the Golden Showers scam. Also, after blasting Middle America during an ill-advised speech in India, Hillary Clinton falls down some stairs. Media now distancing? Plus, Democrats set their sights on taking back the House in 2018. Propaganda wheels all in motion. Are Establishment Republicans surreptitiously helping Democrats toward that end? With the goal of impeaching Trump? A disturbing prospect -- but let us hope not. With Listener Calls & Music via Mozart, AC/DC, Ennio Morricone, the Rolling Stones, Kalyanji Anandji and Porter Waggoner. Sacred Song from George Jones.