Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Mar 20, 2016 - Hr 1

March 20, 2016

Is America a democracy? Does the "will of the voters" matter in America? We review how the Political Classes continue to condemn the voters who have made Donald Trump the frontrunner. Moving forward, should we expect devious attempts to undermine these voters in a push for an Establishment-Friendly nominee? The Washington Post avers that a "brokered convention" can "defend our democracy." But might they have it backwards? Meanwhile, protesters "build a wall" to prevent Trump supporters from attending a rally in Arizona as the media attempts to pin the blame for this on Trump himself. We study the propaganda behind the new "violence" meme ricocheting around the media, as Tom Tancredo criticizes Ted Cruz for jumping on that PC bandwagon. Also, Lindsey Graham endorses Cruz, Bill Kristol floats Third Party concept, Michael Gerson takes "Trump Therapy" and journalist Mark Halperin says Trump is the "second best" political talent he has ever encountered. With music and listener calls.