Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - June 5, 2016 - Hr 3

June 5, 2016

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson appears to be alienating prospective GOP converts. Why does Johnson say he agrees with socialist Bernie Sanders "73 percent" of the time? And was Johnson wise to describe his struggles with "underwear" that is "too small" in a meeting with the New York Times? Meanwhile, we offer a fitting musical tribute en francais to the potential candidacy of pundit David French, who was recently selected for POTUS by fellow pundit Bill Kristol. Has the "Never Trump" movement now become a French farce? Could Feydeau have written it any better? Also, we pay musical homage to the surprisingly sturdy campaign of Bernie Sanders via Elton John's anthem "Bernie & the Jets." As the Democrat Establishment now rains thunder on the tousled socialist, we assess his prospects in California, as Hillary Clinton continues to manage her "cough." Plus, we review George Friedman's stated "intimate connection between nationalism and liberal democracy" and continue to promote Donald Trump as the best antidote to an increasingly authoritarian American Ruling Class. With music from Dwight Yoakam & Big Head Todd and listener calls.