Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Jun 14, 2015 - Hr 3

June 14, 2015

Further thoughts on American Conservative Populism, relating to issues of immigration, trade, American wages and American workers. On the notion of American "sovereignty" as a political platform. On the divide between the "ruling classes" and the rest of America. Thoughts on the white NAACP leader Rachel Doleszal, on the shaky Jeb Bush campaign, and Linsdsey Graham's claim that he is "not defective" for being unmarried. Also, Disney cancels plans to lay off American tech workers, and Italian PM Matteo Renzi deals with an extreme immigration crisis. Plus, a brief update from Jennifer Kerns, Beltway Correspondent. With the gospel "Greystone Chapel" from Johnny Cash and listener calls.