Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 23, 2017 - HR 1

July 21, 2017

Republican Establishment Dropping the Ball. On "Day 201" of the Trump Administration, we review Speaker Paul Ryan's sadly botched "200 Day Plan." Why aren't Congressional Republicans getting much done? Is it merely incompetence -- or actual malfeasance? Callers offer strong opinions. President Trump chides Senator Dean Heller's reluctance to repeal Obamacare: "He wants to remain a Senator, doesn't he?" Meanwhile, we ask: Should President Trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? We consider the pros & cons of such a move. Also, rudderless Democrats propose new branding for their party. To the guffaws of their own base, they suggest "A Better Deal" as their new theme. Yes, more Focus Group Fluff. No progress, apparently, on their progressive messaging. Plus, we outline the priorities of a "sovereign" American nation. Capitalism works better within defined boundaries, and may become counterproductive under the "globalist" scenario. Doctors With Borders. With Listener Calls & Music via Sarah Evans, K.D. Lang, Van Halen and Sigrid of Norway.