Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — January 28, 2018 — HR 1

January 28, 2018

Opening Monologue. The Walls Come Crumblin' Down around the Deep State. The highly-anticipated Nunes Memo approaches prime time. Rep. Matt Gaetz ups the rhetorical ante, describing a "criminal conspiracy" perpetuated by a "cabal" of individuals attempting to "discredit and undermine the duly elected President of the United States." Rep. Jim Jordan outlines how "the fix was in" with Comey's FBI protecting Hillary while actively working against Trump. Rep. Bob Goodlatte criticizes FBI Peter Strzok's disturbing pro-Hillary power grab on the 302's. Meanwhile, we ask, why are the DOJ, FBI and Rep. Adam Schiff attempting to block the release of the Nunes Memo? Why is the DOJ still witholding thousands of Strzok-Page text messages from Congress? Deep State Delay Tactics on vivid display. Rosenstein Nervous? And by the way, were Strzok & Page really having an affair? Paul Sperry, of the New York Post, predicts a "watershed moment in US history" coming soon. Plus, we consider suspected media strategies for handling the forthcoming Memo firestorm, courtesy of NBC's Chuck Todd. Expect Kitchen Sinks. Plus, the Plight of the Left, and Trump Dominates Davos. With Listener Calls & Music via John Mellencamp, Social Distortion, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles.