Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Jan 31, 2016 - Hr 3

January 31, 2016

What is the “conservative movement" attempting to “conserve” these days? If it’s not America itself, what might it be? We discuss Trump’s pro-American conservatism through the lens of Conrad Black’s latest essay in National Review. As an entrenched and ineffective conservative establishment finds itself besieged by fresh “outsider” voices — should it blame itself for its long-standing narrowing of the movement? Why do Republican insiders seem to fixate on reasons for inaction? Good reasons — or mere excuses? Plus, further notes on the current state of the seemingly pro-amnesty, pro-Rubio Fox News. Is Ann Coulter right to suggest it should be referred to as “Coyote News”? With music, listener calls and first-hand reports from an excellent Colorado ski season.