Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — February 18, 2018 — HR 3

February 18, 2018

Taking On the Russian Collusion Hoax. Exposing the Media's sleight of hand, maneuvering from "Collusion" all the way down to mere "Meddling." The Mueller Investigation has now devolved from a John le Carre espionage thriller unto a Scooby Doo cartoon. We listen to the Daily Caller's Saagar Enjeti clarify the dimensions of the hoax, while Professor Jonathan Turley says Mueller's indictments "sound a lot like no collusion" and are "good news for the Trump team." Laura Ingraham wants to see Mueller interview Hillary, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, John Kerry and Barack Obama. Former CIA Director John Brennan spins furiously, while facing investigation for perjury. We summarize a fantastic new essay from Victor Davis Hanson, pushing the Trump Administration to pursue "one of the gravest scandals in post-war American history" to its proper conclusion. No deals, no truces with the corrupt Deep State. Also, we discuss Obama's pliant relationship with Putin, the strange selfie-letter from Susan Rice, and the heavy cross borne by patriot General Michael Flynn. Based on new information, should Flynn now vacate his guilty plea? Plus, vignettes on George Washington's Hair. With Listener Calls & Music via Dwight Yoakam, R.E.M. and Scooby Doo. Sacred Song from Jerry Lee Lewis: "The Old Rugged Cross."