Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — February 11, 2018 — HR 3

February 11, 2018

The Real Harpoon in the Grassley Memo. Did Spy Steele lie to the FBI? Or did the FBI misrepresent Steele to the FISA Courts? Why is the FBI hiding Steele's 1023s from Grassley? We tackle the nuances of "Intel-Gate," described by Professor Stephen Cohen of Princeton as "an intelligence operation run against Trump" since early 2016. We listen to Cohen slam Steele, his discredited Dossier and the "seventeen intelligence agencies" now down to zero. We contrast the views of Prof. Cohen and DNI James Clapper on the "Intelligence Branch" of government. And by the way, why so many "spooks" nowadays in the Mainstream Media? Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has another coughing spasm. Democrat Senator Mark Warner colludes with Russians, tries unsuccessfully to avoid "paper trail." Sneaky Snake Rep. Adam Schiff gets pranked by Russian comedians promising "kompromat" on Trump. Also, the New York Times offers another inoculation piece on Deep State paying a Russian for dirt on Trump. Cloaking their failed, frantic attempt to salvage the Dossier? Plus, we question the apparent somnolence of AG Jeff Sessions. More to the story? With Listener Calls & Music via Sara Evans, Louane, Tom T. Hall, The Beatles and Ed Sheeran.