Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — February 4, 2018 — HR 3

February 4, 2018

America Lost and Found. The Forest for the Trees. The Media can't seem to turn back now, determined to ride the avalanche to the bottom of the mountain. Brian Stelter of CNN sows confusion, sticks to Russian Memes and blasts Fox News in the Memo's aftermath. Schiff & Stephanopolous plot "obstruction." Devin Nunes describes the end of the Dossier. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch summarizes: There is no Russian Collusion without the Dossier, and the Dossier is pure fabrication, so why do we have the Mueller Investigation? Meanwhile, we introduce the concept of Deep State Shadowcasting -- a dark art form in the hands of masters like James Comey, Andy McCabe and James Clapper. We continue our project of Deconstructing Clapper, a dishonest soul chronically misappropriating the Founders. We break the news that no, there is not an "Intelligence Branch" of government. Deep Staters pushing for "independent" agencies are masking their cravings for independence from the American People. Deep Staters promoting the "norms" of our sacred "institutions" are disguising their pre-existing power over them. Plus, Timberlake Takes Heat. With Listener Calls & Music via Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton, The Diamonds, The Beatles, Steve Miller and Zara Larsson. Sacred Song from Reba McEntire.