Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Feb 21, 2016 - Hr 1

February 21, 2016

Quite a week: Trump wins South Carolina, destroys the Bush Dynasty and forgives the Pope -- while Hillary literally "barks" like a dog on the campaign trail. Will Trump's decisive South Carolina victory set the table for him running the table? As Rubio and Cruz finish a distant second, why did they seem to give victory speeches afterwards? Do "participation medals" count in primary politics? A rattled Fox News seems to think so. Why does Karl Rove say Trump needs to be "worried" about his victory? Meanwhile, Jeb Bush formally ends his campaign after another single-digit performance. We've predicted this all along -- but will we now miss him? Is Rubio finally ready to start winning, or will he continue to lead from behind? Might Rubio make a good VP choice for Trump? Has the Cruz campaign become increasingly factional and limited in its appeal? Plus, we take a look at the big walls of the Vatican through the eyes of Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III. With music and listener calls.