Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - December 9, 2018 - HR 2

December 9, 2018

Exploring the Beltway "Uniparty" Concept. Republican Establishment muzzling the MAGA movement the same way they muzzled the Tea Party. Republican Donors wanting their party to be the "controlled opposition" -- much like the loser Washington Generals perpetually throwing games to the Harlem Globetrotters. Just enough phony competition to make it seem plausible. Rep. Matt Gaetz tells Lou Dobbs the GOP congressional leadership has never really wanted to get to the bottom of "the extent of the Deep State." The disastrous Speaker Paul Ryan has always wanted to run out the clock on SpyGate. The Uniparty Hypothesis for why we never quite get to the bottom of things, and how the sham Mueller Investigation fits right into the equation. So what can be done? Meanwhile, we summarize recent congressional testimony from James Comey, who claims it's "nonsense" there could have been FISA abuse during his FBI directorship. So totally dishonest -- thus we explain the Woods Procedures once again. When American "institutions" become this corrupt, perhaps it's time to tear down the FBI & DOJ and simply start over. Plus, with Paris burning, we dig deeper into the crisis of globalism in France. The haughty President Macron once lectured President Trump about the Paris Accords on climate -- but alas, Macron has now fallen to 18% approvals as he clamps down on working class Gilets Jaunes protestors. Spectacular incompetence from Macron. How long can Western Elites stay in power while harboring such "contempt" for their own people? Le Mepris. An explosive dynamic. A Long December. Colorado Politics. With Listener Calls & Music via Clare Dunn, Counting Crows, America, Louane and Patricia Kaas.