Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Dec 13, 2015 - Hr 1

December 13, 2015

Has Trump gone too far this time? The Media and Democrats and Establishment Republicans are all asking the question -- yet again. But the American people seem to be liking what Trump is saying, if big crowds and positive poll data are any indication. So maybe the question could be rephrased: Has Trump gone too far UP this time in the polls? Frank Luntz continues to be stunned by the pro-Trump behavior of his focus groups. Is Trump playing the media "like a Stradivarius" -- or is he just offering heartfelt sentiments stemming from his love of America? Meanwhile, Ben Carson threatens to leave the GOP if the Establishment pulls any stunts around a "brokered convention," and Ted Cruz moves up in Iowa. All in all, a continuing nightmare for the Ruling Classes. Plus, we offer a tribute to John Lennon with a brief posthumous interview. With music and listener calls.