Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - August 5, 2018 - HR 1

August 5, 2018

Opening Monologue: Extreme Unmasking on the Socialist Left. President Trump holds a packed-house, high energy rally in Ohio. Rep. Jim Jordan joins Trump on stage for an electric, spontaneous MAGA Moment. Future Speaker Jordan? Let us hope so -- the crowd went wild at the prospect. Meanwhile, the traitorous John Kasich steps up to offer his "wet blanket" commentary on the Ohio proceedings. Eagerly playing along with the Stephanopoulos Sunday Show MSM agenda, Kasich takes a few well-timed cheap shots at his own Republican Party. We scrutinize this revealing case study in Uniparty Establishment Propaganda. Plus, vignettes on LeBron James and Summer in Colorado. With Listener Calls & Music via R.E.M., The Glitch Mob, Paul McCartney and Nina Simone.