Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Aug 9, 2015 - Hr 3

August 9, 2015

Trump gets "disinvited" from the "Red State" political confab. Did Erick Erickson make the right call? Further discussion of the "hormonal" post-debate controversy. And we ask: Should the Republican Establishment be more welcoming and less fundamentally hostile to Trump? Elitist David Brooks ridicules "low-information" Trump supporters -- but might Brooks actually be a "low-information" commentator? A look at the Drudge Report's seeming support for Trump. Ann Coulter & Laura Ingraham weigh in -- with a little more audio from Lynette Hardaway & Rochelle Richardson. Plus, Megyn Kelly explains herself. Meanwhile, Trump offers no apologies. We also review the latest "Mission Impossible" installment from Tom Cruise. With music and listener calls.