Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - April 23, 2017 - HR 1

April 23, 2017

Last Chance to Save France. A review of today's dramatic results in the first round of the French Elections. Nationalist Marine Le Pen and Globalist Emmanuel Macron have been selected to square off in the final round next month. We sample the victory speeches of Le Pen and Macron, which offer stark contrasts for French voters. As the potential first woman president in French history, Marine Le Pen says "the survival of France" is at stake as she criticizes the European Union and proposes to protect France's borders, working classes and cultural heritage. Meanwhile, the open borders Macron pledges to "stand in the way of nationalism." What will France decide? Either way, the upcoming soul-searching in France will mark a prelude to the future of Western Civilization. Also, we offer vignettes on Trump's popularity, Doris Kearns Goodwin and quail hunting. With Listener Calls & Music via Patricia Kaas, Autour de Lucie, Gus Viseur, Frank Sinatra, the Everly Brothers and Lady Gaga.