Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — April 22, 2018 — HR 2

April 22, 2018

Is Kanye West Breaking the Democratic Party? The Angry Left suffers meltdown after Kanye tweets praise for Candace Owens, the Trump-supporting African-American director of Turning Point USA. We listen to Owens confront Black Lives Matter activists at a UCLA event, describing their "victim mentality" as "fundamentally false." For good measure, Owens observes that "the left is losing control of their blacks." Is the fragile Obama Coalition on the verge of electoral trouble in the Age of Trump? Meanwhile, Devin Nunes finally obtains the original documents underpinning the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation -- and finds nothing there. How can that be? Consequences forthcoming. Also, we speculate on the increasing uselessness of the once-mighty Drudge Report. Is Matt Drudge losing his soul? Plus, we ponder the DOJ utility of Trump's alleged nicknames for Jeff "Mr. Magoo" Sessions and Rod "Mr. Peepers" Rosenstein. We admit to preferring the latter to the former, while questioning the overall constitutional virility of our Attorney General. With Listener Calls & Music via R.E.M., the Climax Blues Band, Merle Haggard and Henry Mancini. Intermezzo: Das Rheingold Vorspiel from Richard Wagner.