Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — April 15, 2018 — HR 3

April 15, 2018

The James Comey Freakshow. Lessons in Unethical Leadership from a bitter, disgruntled former FBI director. Chris Wallace of Fox News describes Comey's new book as surprisingly "bitchy." Democratic operative Lanny Davis calls Comey a "renegade narcissist." Trump calls him a "slimeball." We sample the Comey-Stephanopolous Interview, which oddly and obsessively rehashes the "Golden Showers" scam. Meanwhile, catfights erupt between Comey and former AG Loretta Lynch and the FBI's disgraced Andrew McCabe. Fireworks forthcoming. Also, we review Mueller's face-saving exit strategy, in which he maneuvers to get himself fired by President Trump. How many red lines will he cross towards that end? Is Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein part and parcel of a surreptitious tag-team? Ann Coulter advises Trump to "let Mueller twist." We salute Trump for not taking the bait -- for not firing Mueller -- and for mastering the art of unpredictable responses to Establishment-Manufactured Stimuli. Plus, we consider Daniel Greenfield's thoughtful essay: "Using the FBI to Suppress a Political Revolution." There are two Americas. One is your country, the other consists of the people who run it. The Romans broke their republic. Are political mercenaries like Mueller breaking ours? With Listener Calls & Music via Train, Eric Church and Louane. Sacred Song from Elvis Presley.