Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - August 28, 2016 -HR 2

August 28, 2016

Is Donald Trump "softening" on immigration? Or is the media using this potential as a means to sow division within the GOP? A conversation with Tom Tancredo on his latest Breitbart column. Is the fate of the Supreme Court the fundamental issue of 2016? What to make of Hillary Clinton's divisive speech on race relations in America? What is this so-called "Alt-Right" anyways? Plus, we listen to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks offer hints to Fox & Friends as to what revelations he may have in store for the Clinton Campaign, and we make note of Chris Christie's strong critique of Hillary's "Amnesty Plan." Also, Paul Wolfowitz, a chief architect of the Iraq War, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Should she disavow? With Listener Calls and Music via Dwight Yoakam, Guns & Roses and Cheap Trick.