Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - August 28, 2016 -HR 1

August 28, 2016

A lot of smoke, but no fire? Hillary Clinton uses this unfortunate phrasing to defend the Clinton Foundation, even as it appears to be flaming out. By now no fewer than eleven left-wing media outlets have called upon the Clintons to "shut it down." Meanwhile, we are asking: Who is Gilbert Chagoury? Why is this big foreign donor to the Clintons on the "no-fly list" in America? Why has Hillary avoided a proper press conference for the past 267 days? Why did Hillary use extreme "BleachBit" technology to delete thousands of emails? And what might Julian Assange of WikiLeaks now have up his sleeve? We ponder these questions as we review Hillary's bad week, by way of contrast with Trump's good week. Plus, we discuss Hillary's Health -- Pickle Strong? Also, we remember the great "Barrel Man" of the Denver Broncos. With Listener Calls and Music via Green Day, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sanford & Townsend, Bongos Ikwue and Mayssa Karaa.