Backbone Radio - Sept. 23, 2012

September 23, 2012

Tune in Sunday night to KNUS AM 710 from 5 to 8 pm for Backbone Radio. Matt Dunn and Krista Kafer will hit the airwaves with fresh commentary on all things political and cultural.

We’ll have two terrific guests: Douglas R. Groothuis, the brainy Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary will talk about his support for Mitt Romney, the professor’s disagreement with the Mormon religion notwithstanding. Check out his most recent writing on the subject—“Why This Conservative Evangelical Counter-Cult Expert Will Vote for Romney.” We’ll also talk with Pam Benigno of the Independence Institute about the Denver Public School’s teacher evaluation system that rewards teachers who “encourage students to challenge and question the dominant culture” and “work for social justice.” Sounds like an excuse to take a fieldtrip to an Occupy Denver campout.

Speaking of questioning the party line, some on the left are losing their faith in President Obama. Rock star Dave Matthews, for instance, tells CNN he’s “slightly heartbroken” about his continued support for Obama. And over at the liberal New Republic, there’s Tim Noah saying: “I need a president who can cheer me up, not a president who needs me to cheer him up.” And then there’s Obama himself, in his Univision interview, taking time to dwell on his failures as chief executive.

We have 44 days unto election and the polls are essentially even. But some conservatives are “going wobbly” on Romney’s prospects. Kristol, Frum, Brooks, Noonan — what’s going on with the weak-knees? Are they onto something — or should they buck up and show some backbone?

Also, we’ll take a little look into America’s thriving $2.3 billion tattoo industry. A new study shows that 21% of Americans have at least one tattoo, and ultimately 50% of young people will choose to have them removed. Plus, we’ll talk about why Democrats recently voted against welfare work requirements, the “lotus-eaters” of Homer’s Odyssey, FDR on redistribution, JFK on taxes, and a little more about Charles Kesler’s great new book, I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism.

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