Backbone Radio - Nov. 4, 2012

November 4, 2012

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It’s tense, it’s tight, and it’s instructive indeed to compare the ways Romney and Obama are respectively closing out their campaigns.

While Obama completes his pratfall into petty Chicago politics, telling his supporters “Voting is the best revenge” — future president Romney walks the high road, encouraging voting “for love of country” and leading “America to a better place.”

As far as we’re concerned, we’re with the ancient philosopher Juvenal, who wrote: “Revenge is the poor delight of little minds.” We’ll talk with political veteran Dick Wadhams about what he thinks will happen on Tuesday between the Chicago school of politicking and the more Reaganesque Romney camp.

Speaking of the higher road, did you catch Kafer’s guest commentary in the Denver Post? Turns out that economic literacy correlates with voting for conservative, free market candidates. Rather than using scare tactics (e.g., ads accusing people of being pro-cancer), educating voters to understand basic economics and government policy reaps dividends at the ballot and may even impact long term voting patterns. Who knew?

Romney came to the Denver Tech Center yesterday, filling Fiddler’s Green to its capacity of 17,000. The energy is enormous, the mittmentum is full steam ahead. If there is wisdom in crowds, then candidate Romney has a virtual monopoly on wisdom these days — as President Obama can’t help but notice his own throngs have diminished since the promises made in 2008. And for good reason.

Meanwhile, our own Steve Kelley spent about 33 hours on a swing set outside the amphitheater, setting a world record and reminding us that Colorado is a “swing state” and that every last vote counts BIG in Colorado this year. The polls have things labeled as a “toss up,” and now Hurricane Sandy has thrown plenty of sand into the gears of both campaigns. What shall be the fallout? How’s it all going to play out?

We’ll offer our own full-court-press with two days left unto election. We’re nervous but we’re ready, and we expect you are too!

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