Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 31, 2016 - HR 3

July 31, 2016

Donald Trump has seized the momentum in the presidential race, but the media machine is fighting back in earnest. Can a lockstep media carry Hillary across the finish line, even though 68% of Americans feel she is not "honest and trustworthy"? And with 70% of Americans convinced America is "headed in the wrong direction," can the Left entice voters to stick with a Democrat Establishment candidate? Or are their narratives now formally collapsing? We further review the controversy over Khizr Khan's speech to the DNC and consider its constitutional components. Also, we make note of the Koch Brothers Globalist Big Donor Puppetry meeting in Colorado Springs, as we encourage our libertarian friends to consider the "practical libertarianism" of Thomas Jefferson. Plus our review of the excellent new Jason Bourne action movie. With Listener Calls and Music via AC/DC, BTO, 10cc, Moby and the Tamba Trio.