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Backbone Radio - Dec. 9, 2012

December 9, 2012

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Many in the Republican Party are saying it’s time to embrace amnesty for illegal immigrants. They insist that the only way to draw Hispanic voters to the GOP is to grant the11 million resident illegal immigrants citizenship and take this sticky issue off the table for good. Critics point out that the last amnesty program didn’t settle the matter and a new amnesty push will just leave the door open for another. Could there be another way to solve the immigration conundrum while respecting the rule of law and national borders?

Indeed there is and Helen Krieble, founder and president of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation and author of the Red Card Solution will tell us all about it.

We’ll also talk with Ben DeGrow of the Independence Institute about how teachers can opt out of paying dues for union political causes. The deadline is December 15 for teachers to apply for a refund of around $63. That’ll buy a few toys for under the Christmas tree and some peace of mind knowing that you aren’t funding causes and candidates you don’t support.

Speaking of Christmas trees and holiday cheer, some not-so-merry Grinches are doing their small hearted best to stifle celebrations across the fruited plain. In Rhode Island, Governor Lincoln Chaffee stands by his renaming the State House spruce as the Holiday Tree and made sure that no flash mob of carolers would turn up to sing “O Christmas Tree” like they did last year. On the other coast, a less-than-festive group of atheists successfully ended a sixty year old nativity display in Palisades Park. Is it a lack of creativity in coming up with their own holidays or just mean spiritedness that makes some atheists just want to destroy other’s beloved traditions?

We’ll also talk about leadership change at the Heritage Foundation, the high life in Washington which, along with our very own state, legalized marijuana, and how to turn your pet into a diamond. Got opinions? Thoughts? Call into the program at 303-696-1971.

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