Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 23, 2017 - HR 2

July 21, 2017

The Wisdom of Stoic Philosophy. Our interview with Ryan Holiday, author of "The Daily Stoic" and "Perennial Seller." We discuss the enduringly fresh writings of Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca. Notes on perseverance, handling adversity and the art of living well. Meanwhile, Anthony Scaramucci arrives as the new Press Director for President Trump. We sample Scaramucci's "Sunday Show" interviews and ponder his bold statements on "leakers" in the Oval Office: "I'm gonna fire everybody!" So far, so good. Also, CNN's Chris Cilizza gets caught red-handed purveying Fake News. We dilate upon the impressive nastiness of the Hostile Mainstream Media. Plus, vignettes on exhuming Salvador Dali. The moustache lives! With Listener Calls & Music via Katy Perry and Paul McCartney.    

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 23, 2017 - HR 3

July 19, 2017

Intelligence Community Out of Control. When you live in a Police State, the Police are in charge. Leaks, Lavrentiy Beria and Josef Stalin. Is this where we're headed in modern-day America? The Amazon Washington Post whiffs on a vicious Deep State smear against AG Jeff Sessions. Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson gets a subpoena, but says he'll plead the Fifth. Why so uncooperative, this shadowy compiler of the Dodgy Dossier? Patrick Buchanan describes the Real Crimes of Russiagate. Tucker Carlson says it's "scary" to be ruled by an unelected intelligence bureaucracy. Meanwhile, the Establishment Won't Give Trump a Chance. Playing with fire, we submit, showing such unveiled contempt for the American people. We consider Roger Simon's ominous speculations on how "a significant portion of the American public" might react to a Deep State takedown of President Trump -- ranging "from massive civil disobedience to outright civil war." Plus our vignettes on Lindsey Graham, Maxine Waters, Ben Rhodes and Megyn Kelly. With Listener Calls & Music via Kelly Willis, the Sons of The Pioneers and Johnny Cash. 

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 16, 2017 - HR 3

July 14, 2017

The Sebastian Gorka Highlight Reel. We sample fun audio from Dr. Gorka's exciting week blasting the hosts of CNN and MSNBC, as he describes an undistracted Trump Administration carrying on Making America Great Again. Meanwhile, we listen to Maria Bartiromo's hard-hitting interview with John Podesta about his conspicuous financial ties to Russia. Are smarter Democrats right to be worrying about another big-league backfire? Regrets for misdirected energies on Russia? We review a Fox News report on Natalia Veselnitskaya's special grant of "immigration parole" due to "extraordinary circumstances" -- courtesy of the Obama Administration. Meanwhile, we consider the Liberal "ideology of Western suicide" as described by philosopher James Burnham. Reconciled to our own dissolution? Plus, vignettes on toothpaste in Venezuela, Republican incompetence on repealing Obamacare, and Releasing the Frog. With Listener Calls & Music via Jack Johnson, Fleetwood Mac and Loretta Lynn.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 16, 2017 - HR 2

July 14, 2017

Was Don Junior Set Up? Could his meeting with the Russian lawyer have marked a pretext for Obama Administration surveillance of the Trump Campaign? Why did Obama's AG Loretta Lynch take special measures to allow Natalia Veselnitskaya to enter the United States? Meanwhile, President Trump visits France on Bastille Day. Why is French President Emmanuel Macron so seemingly exuberant about Trump? And vice versa? And why are MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and CNN's Jeff Zeleny making such elementary errors on history and mathematics in relation to Bastille Day? Also, we explore the Drudge Report's apparent suspicions about Vice President Mike Pence. Is Pence really distancing himself from Trump? Or are such stories just more "psyops" from the hostile media? Plus, our interview with Jeff Hunt on the upcoming Western Conservative Summit. With Listener Calls & Music via Louane, Terry Stafford and Jim Reeves. 

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 16, 2017 - HR 1

July 14, 2017

The Great Russian Witch Hunt Continues. The Fake News Industrial Complex whips itself into another frenzy, this time against Donald Trump Junior and his meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Smiles are returning to the faces of the Media. For now. But might their high hopes end up dashed once again? Can Ron Goldstone -- a goofball low-level British publicist -- truly occupy the epicenter of a massive Russian Conspiracy? Law Professor Jonathan Turley describes the farcical components of this "worst spy story ever." Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept sees standard politics and usual, without "evidence" of wrongdoing, as he considers the DNC's collusion with Ukraine and John McCain's curious involvement with the Dodgy Dossier. Who's moving the goalposts here? Meanwhile, we explore connections with the mysterious Fusion GPS intelligence firm. Why is Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS, refusing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee? Plus, tributes for Steve & Krista. With Listener Calls & Music via King Leg, Sergey Lazarev, Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn.    

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 9, 2017 - HR 3

July 9, 2017

Of Symphonies, Dogwhistles and Western Nationalism. The Triggered Left Reacts to Trump's Speech in Poland. And yes, it seems, they really do want to destroy Western Civilization. But are their Politically Correct bromides wearing thin? Meanwhile, President Trump has a long meeting with Vladimir Putin, described by eminence grise David Gergen as "promising" and "presidential big league stuff." Also, the New York Times confesses to an "honest mistake" in its libeling of Sarah Palin, the sanctimonious Senator Ben Sasse contemplates a presidential run in 2020, columnist Bret Stephens tells the American people they should learn to "admire" more educated elites, and Trump toys with a flailing John Podesta. Plus, the Politico offers sympathy for increasingly isolated "leakers" now living in "fear" of getting caught by the Trump Administration. With Listener Calls & Music via Vern Gosdin, Roy Acuff and Astrid S of Norway.

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 9, 2017 - HR 2

July 7, 2017

The Trump Doctrine. President Trump delivers an historic, humdinger of a speech in Warsaw, Poland. A new "Leader of the Free World" has risen to challenge the globalist nihilism of Western Elites, and not a moment too soon. Does the West have the will to survive? Can Western Leaders summon the courage to preserve and protect their own borders, faith and civilization? Is "The West" merely a disembodied idea -- or perhaps something much more? Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron boldly elbows his way to the front of a G20 photo-op so as to stand next to Trump. Fromage! With Listener Calls & Music via Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Louane, Journey and Dwight Yoakam.

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 9, 2017 - HR 1

July 7, 2017

CNN's Blackmail Blowout. Responding to President Trump's jocular tweet of a WWE wrestling GIF, the mafiosos at CNN boast of hunting down the GIF-maker and extracting an apology. CNN hosts also announce they will not reveal the GIF-maker's name so long as he never again partakes in "ugly" and "offending" behavior on social media. In the aftermath of this gruesome episode, CNN President Jeff Zucker explains to the New York Times, sans irony, that "Trump is trying to bully us." Meanwhile, CNN's ratings continue their epic nosedive. In other matters, President Trump retrieves the windblown hat of a Marine -- twice -- and bucks tradition by wearing an American Flag lapel pin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg. Also, Sweden shifts to a "women-only" Bravalla Music Festival after a string of sexual assaults. Plus, we offer weekend vignettes on climbing a Colorado Fourteener and encountering a Bull Moose in the town of Breckenridge. With Listener Calls & Music via Charlie Puth, Zara Larsson, David Guetta, Van Halen and The Beatles.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 2, 2017 - HR 3

July 2, 2017

Copy Editors from the New York Times protest their "humiliating" layoffs. Does the bitter angst of these NYT globalists portend newfound empathy for the American Rust Belt? Meanwhile, Homeland Security Advisor Thomas Bossert defends Trump's tweets, and we look into the dubious track record of acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Quintessential denizen of the Deep State? We sample excerpts from President Trump's Saturday speech at the high-energy "Celebrate Freedom Rally." Clearly, the Hostile Media has failed in its efforts to neuter Donald Trump. Also, we consider the House's passage of "Kate's Law" and the "No Sanctuary for Criminals" act, along with the Supreme Court's upholding of Trump's "Travel Ban." Plus, we review the worsening immigration problems of Italy, which may be paving the path for more "populist" politicians, according to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. How long can an open borders Europe maintain its Western cultural heritage? With Listener Calls & Patriotic Music via Zac Brown, Johnny Cash, Jim Croce and Reba McEntire. 

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 2, 2017 - HR 2

July 2, 2017

Glass Houses, Glass Jaws. With the country at stake, President Trump "fights back" against the Hostile Media. Should "meek and mild" conservatives learn to follow his lead? Has the very "niceness" of the Republican Establishment led their party to near-ruin? Have their one-sided calls for "civility" ever been successful? We study the patterns of diminution amongst Trump's political opponents, and speculate on the eventualities around the current feud with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin files a lawsuit against the misogynist, bullying New York Times, and the media suddenly retracts its oft-recited "17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies" talking point on Russian "interference" in the U.S. election. Plus, our notes on Herman Melville, Captain Ahab and Trump's longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller. With Listener Calls & Music via Elton John, Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Ozzy Osbourne.