Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - June 11, 2017 - HR 1

June 11, 2017

The James Comey Pratfall. In his highly-anticipated Congressional testimony, the fired FBI Director dashes the hopes of Trump critics while managing to out himself as a "leaker." A truly impressive display of Deep State malfeasance. We study the various self-serving games played by Comey and marvel at his "sour grapes" persona. And we ask: Where is Comey's leaked memo right now? Where is Daniel Richman? They both seem to have gone missing. Meanwhile, John McCain embarrasses himself with his doddering, confused questions from the Senate panel, then goes on to defend embattled Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Senescence? It seems President Trump keeps on mowing through the Deep Staters, one by one, in spite of their best efforts to remove him from office. Surprisingly, by firing Comey, Trump has created some unforeseen, uncomfortable exposures in the Beltway. With Listener Calls & Music via George Strait, Idina Menzel, Clean Bandit and Gov't Mule.       

The Dan Caplis Show - June 7th, 2017 - HR 2

June 7, 2017

Backbone Radio's Matt Dunn fills in for Dan Caplis. President Trump is crushing London Mayor Sadiq Khan. And so is Piers Morgan, who lambastes Mayor Khan's priorities on jihadis in a slashing interview: "Sadiq you're the mayor! Where are they!" Will the Open Borders Globalist Khan ever recover? Meanwhile, in the aftermath of London terror, Prime Minister Theresa May is talking about "deporting" terror suspects from the United Kingdom. Following Trump's lead? Also, we ask, is Senator Lindsay Graham getting a tad less annoying these days? Senator Rand Paul says we "cannot live in fear of our intelligence community" as he decries the unconstitutional "surveillance" tactics of the Obama Administration. James Rosen of Fox News adds context to this alarming narrative. Plus, we discuss the role of the KGB and Communist Elites in "The Americans" television series. With Listener Calls and Music via Louane, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paula Fuga, Jack Johnson and Mark Bernes.  

The Dan Caplis Show - June 7th, 2017 - HR 1

June 7, 2017

Backbone Radio's Matt Dunn fills in for Dan Caplis. James Comey prepares to come out of the curtains, and he's "coming with his guns loaded." Will the former FBI Director try to take down President Trump? And if so, will he succeed? The Left makes no secret of their high hopes for Comey's Thursday testimony. Lots of eggs in this one basket. It's Comey Or Bust. The Deep State seeks its revenge, it wants Trump gone. But could their whole slick charade end up backfiring? Plus, our analysis of the art form known as "Trump's Twitter" account. With Listener Calls & Music via Roger Miller and Norwegian Sigrid.

The Dan Caplis Show - June 6th, 2017 - HR 2

June 6, 2017

Matt Dunn fills in for Dan Caplis. Will the English pivot from nice to nasty? Tired of treading on eggshells? Notes on the grim state of Leftist humor. Senator Al Franken clears his schedule, dropping an upcoming appearance with Bill Maher, on the heels of cancelling an engagement with alleged comedian Kathy Griffin. Meanwhile, after six years in the penalty box, the rowdy Hank Williams Jr. returns to Monday Night Football. Can Hank save ESPN? Also, as their Russian memes evaporate, the Left turns to James Comey for salvation. Comey Or Bust? Probably the latter.

The Dan Caplis Show - June 6th, 2017 - HR 1

June 6, 2017

Matt Dunn fills in for Dan Caplis. President Trump applies smart pressure to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, in the aftermath of more terror. Trump pushes for "Travel Ban" while the thin-skinned Khan seeks to ban Trump from England. Mayoral overreach? A time for choosing, for the British. Exploring London's diminutive "Run, Hide, Tell" response to terror. Weak mindset for a once proud Empire? How far gone is Londonistan? Meanwhile, as ever, pathological American media blames Trump.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - June 4, 2017 - HR 3

June 4, 2017

The Kathy Griffin Catharsis. Disgraced CNN comedian Griffin hosts peculiar, rambling, hostile press conference. Not funny? Hillary Clinton shows true colors by escalating blame games for defeat. Et tu DNC? Thus far, minimal introspection on display. Comey waits in the wings. How should conservatives approach the arena? The limits of cheek-turning? With Listener Calls & Music via Paula Fuga, Jack Johnson, the White Stripes, Zara Larsson, Morrissey and Roy Acuff.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - June 4, 2017 - HR 2

June 4, 2017

Bad Week for CNN. Ranting or Reporting? President Trump pulls America out of the Paris Accords. End of the World? HBO Comedian Bill Maher uses the N-word while interviewing Senator Ben Sasse. Adequate response from Sanctimonious Sasse? Assessing the "scalping strategies" of the PC Police. Plus, the mystical aspects of Covfefe. With Listener Calls & Music via Helena Fischer, the Chainsmokers, Autour de Lucie and Erasure.

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - June 4, 2017 - HR 1

June 4, 2017

Panic On the Streets of London. Terror visits England once again. London Bridge is falling down. Assessing the response of Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and self-proclaimed builder of bridges. Good time to keep calm and carry on? American media responds to London terror by attacking President Trump. Meanwhile, Supreme Court expedites review of Trump's "Travel Ban" Executive Order. Timely? With Listener Calls & Music via The Smiths, Pete Seeger, The Beatles, R.E.M. and Morrissey.